Card Printing Solutions

BLUTRONICS smart cards can be purchased in white so that the customer can carry out the personalization in total autonomy. Alternatively we can offer the graphic customization service on request. We look forward to offering you design printing at a reasonable price. For custom print pricing details, please contact us

Request Procedure
For requesting customized artwork printing the first step is to choose the right smart card you need. So you can choose Blucard 4K, Blucard 8K, Blucard 16k, Mifare cards, SLE5542, SLE5528 or the chip you want. Then you can submit us the request by email including the artwork and a proof with printing instructions. At same time you will indicate any special requirements, such as:

  • Special or other metallic color(s), e.g. gold and silver, which may require silkscreen printing
  • Track type and cohesive encoding (i.e. HI-CO or LO-CO) of magnetic stripe(s)
  • Location on the artwork of signatory panel(s)
  • Range for sequential serial numbers
  • Smart card chip initialization method

We reply to your request as soon is possible or ask for more informations if need, and when the requirements are completed we send to you the detailed quotations with Sample Approval Form.

Artwork Requirement

  1. Print resolution
    All images must be at least 300dpi.
  2. Size
    Artwork must be at least 90 mm x 58 mm at 300dpi included the bleed area and the finished product conforms to ISO 7810-ID1 (85.6 mm x 54 mm).
  3. Artwork format
    We accept vector-based files created with vector-based applications. Please don’t forget to supply all linked graphics such as Tiff or EPS files, and do NOT reserve the area for the contact smart card chip on your artwork because this could lead to alignment problems. Instead, simply indicate your desired module location in your printing instructions. We may fine-tune the artwork to ensure printing quality.
  4. Color
    We accept CMYK and Pantone. Please indicate Pantone IDs. RGB files will NOT be accepted.
  5. Fonts
    Any fonts used should be converted to curves (outlines) prior to submission. If your text is not outlined, make sure to include all fonts (including font type and size) used in the design. In case you need to print serial numbers, font type and size must be provided.
  6. Proof