Software Development Kit for Blutronics Blucard microprocessor smart card

Blucard SDK .net is the development kit to program and use Blutronics Blucard smart cards.

Simple and intuitive, it does not require specific knowledge of smart card programming which would take months of work

In a few minutes you will be able to create your application.

The APIs included in this evaluation kit provide the developer with 8 commands through which it will be possible:

  • read / write data from the file system
  • load / unload the electronic purse preloaded on board the cards
  • change the access pins to the files
  • change the access pins to the electronic purse

The product includes demonstration programs for the Visual Studio suite written in C++, C#, VB, with royalty free full source code

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Package Content

1 x USB Smart Card Reader

1 x Blucard Testing Sample Card with preprogrammed file system

5 x Blank Blucard 4K

1 x CDROM with software, drivers, royalty free sample source code, technical documentation

Minimum Requirements

Browser Internet

Windows 7 or higher

Available USB port

Visual Studio Development System

PC/SC framework installed